Re: Formative Assessments

Re: Formative Assessments

September 24, 2016 at 2:24 PM

Formative assessments - both "formal" and "informal" are so important to enable teachers to adjust their own instruction. They are important for kids, too, as the formative assessments allow them to see where they are with the learning expectations.

I really like the article on attributes of formative assessments that is posted on Iowa ASCD website at] It talks about 1) Learning Progressions - their importance it helping kids see the "steps along the way" to the goal, 2) Learning goals and criteria for success - shared by the teacher upfront -and those criteria are so important!; 3) Descriptive feedback - specific, timely, and accurate - and linked to the learning goals and criteria for success; 4) self- and peer-assessment - reflecting on their own metacognition; and 5) a culture of collaboration where teachers and students are partners in learning!

Check out the Iowa ASCD website on formative assessment:

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