Re: Standards Based Grading

Re: Standards Based Grading

September 15, 2016 at 1:20 PM

In West Branch, we started out talking about toxic grading practices (resources = Guskey and Reeves) seven years ago. We then had four teachers pilot SBG in their middle school classes - including using the SBG side of PowerSchool. The pilot allowed us to see which approaches worked best for our students/staff (i.e. should it be a 4 point system? a 10 point system? How do we handle homework grading?) Piloting the SBG side of PowerSchool (without opening it for public viewing) allowed us to see the effect of different scoring systems and grading calculations (i.e. Mode vs Average)

When it became obvious that we had reached a tipping point of staff ready to implement, we formed a committee to develop policies. This committee used Ken O'Connor's book A Repair Kit for Grading as a primary resource.

As curriculum director, it was also my responsibility to inform our local school board and garner their support. I purchased a copy of the November 2011 Educational Leadership magazine for each of them. This was extremely timely and allowed them to see that we were being progressive in implementing school reform. We also invited representatives from Solon CSD to discuss their implementation journey and answer board member questions.

We also had multiple family/community forums to describe the why and the how of SBG at each building level. The first forum had 80 attendees, the next one had 20 and the last two were poorly attended.

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