Iowa ASCD - 4/9/13 Agenda


Iowa ASCD Executive Board of Directors Meeting

Hilton Garden Inn, 8600 Northpark Drive, Johnston, IA  50131

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

4:30 – 8:30 P.M.

A light supper will be served.


We have gone green - bring your computer or paper copies!

Please review agenda and all accompanying materials that are posted on Iowa ASCD website:


Location:  Hilton Garden Inn, 8600 Northpark Drive, Johnston, Iowa, 50131 -  Take Exit I-80 #129 at 86th Street toward Camp Dodge.  Turn left onto 86th Street.  The hotel is just north of I-80 on the west side of 86th Street.


Preparation for Meeting:

  • Share updates for which you are responsible to Lou Howell by April 8. 
  • Review/download materials on Iowa ASCD’s website for the board of directors:
  • If needed, make reservation for overnight stay in preparation for the Iowa ASCD Curriculum Leadership Academy.
  • RSVP Regrets Only to Lou Howell at 515.229.4781 or


Directors:  Pam Armstrong-Vogel, Allan Eckelman, Jason Ellingson, Julie Grotewold, Lou Howell, Rita Martens, Becky Martin, Ottie Maxey, Leslie Moore, Susan Pecinovsky, Elaine Smith-Bright, Kym Stein, Cindy Swanson, Marcia Tweeten, Kevin Vidergar, Chris Welch, Jan Westerman-Beatty, Amy Wichman, Sue Wood, Stephanie Rosenburg-Wager (ad hoc

Focus on Our Group Norms:

  • Listen for Understanding, Speak to Be Truthfully Understood, Confront the Tough Challenges, Come Prepared, Have Fun, Start on Time and End on Time, Value Diversity, Honor Confidentiality


I.    Welcome (4:30 P.M. Sharp!)  (Jason Ellingson, President)

?    Welcome and Call to Order

?    Welcome Activity

  • Share name, role, and a question/answer/concern/need you have about advocacy and its role in your district.
  • Be prepared to order dinner from menu provided at the meeting


II .   Advocacy (Action 3) – Continuing the Journey  (Susan Pecinovsky, Pam Armstrong, Cindy Winkler)    Tentative (4:45 – 6:00 P.M.)

  • Pam and Susan will lead conversation with Representative and Iowa ASCD member Cindy Winkler in ways/opportunities to advance the educational conversation at the legislative level.

Intended Outcome:  Board of Directors will have increased skills, knowledge, and aspiration to advocate for success of students and their educators with legislators as well as others influencing education.

III .   Business Meeting with Working Supper  (6:00 – 8:15 P.M.) (President, Jason Ellingson)

                Several of these items will be written reports with very brief highlights by the director in charge.  Others will require discussion.  Please read in advance all reports.

  • Approval of Minutes (Lou Howell for Marcia Tweeten)
  • Approval of Finances (Lou Howell for Julie Davies)
  • Official Approval and Welcome of Rita Martens as Board Member, serving as DE Liaison (Lou Howell)
  • Planning for Audit – Governance  (Leslie Moore and Lou Howell)
  • Election Results (Allan Eckelman)
  • Dates for Meetings in 2013-2014 (Allan Eckelman)
  • Action 1  - Innovation and Leadership in Teaching and Learning (Leslie Moore and Cindy Swanson)
    • Iowa ASCD Curriculum Leadership Academy Update (Sue Wood)
    • Grade-Level Conferences Update (Kym Stein)
    • Competency-Based Education Conference Update (Jason Ellingson)
    • Fall Institute Update (Leslie Moore)
    • Partnership Update  - (Jason Ellingson)
    • Partnership Update – Iowa Future (Lou Howell)
    • Partnership Update – Opportunities with Content Organizations (Lou Howell)
    • Biennial Plan Update (Lou Howell)
    • Iowa ASCD Awards – Whole Child (Lou Howell)
    • Gates Grant Proposal (Lou Howell)  (Tentative)


  • Action 2 – Membership, including Communication
    • Membership Update (Amy Wichman)
    • Technology Update (Chris Welch)
    • SAI  (Lou Howell)


  • Action 3 – Advocacy and Influence
    • Advocacy/Influence Update  (Pam Vogel and Susan Pecinovsky)


IV.     Social Media  - HootSuite (Jason Ellingson)  If time allows for this. 

Intended Outcome:  Board of Directors will have increased skills, knowledge, and aspiration to use social media, including Twitter, to advance the mission of Iowa ASCD.      


V.                  Next Steps (8:15 P.M.) (Executive Director, Lou Howell)

  • Expense Forms
  • The Source – Need for Articles


VI.  Reflection on Meeting (8:20 P.M.) (President, Jason Ellingson)

  • How did this evening’s board meeting help us move forward and/or solidify where we stand?

IX.  Closing and Adjournment (8:30 P.M.) (President, Jason Ellingson)

                We would appreciate any board members staying after the meeting to help us finalize preparations for the Iowa ASCD Curriculum Academy.