January 8, 2013 at 8:55 AM

Your statement implies, it wasn’t just the fact it was rushed out, as the glitches make it clear (that it wasn’t just the fact, that it was rushed out).English , learn it, you idiot!How can you say they did their best job, when they had to rush it out, now THAT’S a contradiction.They spent 4 years, developing a multi-platform engine, not the actual game itself. The game only came into being later on in process. Furthermore, that doesnt mean anything. I could spend 100 years developing a game, but still have issues I havent resolved, as I didnt have time to fix them, or know how to fix them, but later on I fix them.“In conclusion what I am saying and said is yes it was rushed out as everyone knows, but Crytek spent a long long time making the game and did their best job, the game has pretty bad AA and allot of framerate drops and some technical problems, and that isnt down to just being rushed out [the bugs and glitches are], that is the best they could do with little experience of optimizing and making a game for consoles without taking a decade”Of course the technical issues are down to being rushed, pptimising takes time, even more so if you don’t have experience of doing so, and another 2-3 months may have been enough to vastly improve it’s issues. look at differences between code of bf3 on Jimmy Fallon and now. If dice were pushed to have had bf3 ready for the point at which it went on air at Jimmy Fallon’s show, we’d all be sitting here going, “well dice are crap, bf3 is crap, they couldnt optimise properly” etc.Crysis 2 didn’t have budget of BF3, and EA decided it was good enough, and they didn’t want waste more time and money on it.6 months have passed and that’s a lot in terms of developing time, and their engine will have been heavily optimised since then.You always take extreme views, with no sense of perspective or common sense often.I have been harsh on you calling you name’s ,as you are not an idiot, but you really need to use ur head a little and think sometimes. yes Crysis 2 had issues, but so did Uncharted 1 and Uncharted 2 was amazingly better, and theres nothing to have stopped Crytek improving their engine between then and now.Furthermore, you point out all the bad points on Crysis 2, but fail to point out the amazing stuff it did well too.We can do this with kz3, uc2 etc too. Uc2, is linear, has low res alpha transparencies, controller response latencies that are abnormally high,ssao isnt very well developed, animation of nathan isnt that great. kz3 has low res textures lying around, it has loads of artifacting and shimmering. does that sound fair analysis of those games?No1, of course not, theres many positives to crysis 2, but you need to take of your blinkers and see it. Theres a reason why DF and many others were impressed by the game’s tech, and like you said, it was their first effort using the tech on console, and will improve. Uc1 tore like a b**h and had horrible input latency too, but uc2 improved upon those issues.VN:F [1.9.15_1155](from 2 votes)

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